Welcome to the unofficial viewing and uploading location of casino chips, tokens, Silver Strikes and Slot Cards/Room Keys released during the calendar year of 2013, thereby making them eligible for nomination to the Casino Chip and Gaming Tokens Collector Club's annual, Chip of the Year (COTY), Token of the Year (TOTY) Silver Strike of the Year (SSOTY) and Slot Card/Room Key (CKOTY) Awards Competitions.

In using this site, please keep several things in mind, as follows:

  1. This is not an Official CC&GTCC location
  2. The displayed images should NOT be construed as to be actual Nominees. Instead, they are simply chips, tokens, Silver Strikes and cards that were issued during the calendar year of 2013 and are therefore eligible for the nomination process in accordance with the CC&GTCC's rules for these annual competitions.
  3. Please do not use this space for advertising purposes. No URLs will be permitted.
  4. In the interest of providing unobstructed details, please do not obscure chip (token, Silver Strike or card) images with copyright branding. You may do so outside the edge of the image. Again, please do not use URLs in doing this. I reserve the right to either digitally removing the URL, or simply deleting the image altogether.
  5. It becomes very important that up-loaded images NOT have the same file names. I therefore recommend naming your files with some details. Refrain from using names that will likely be duplicated. Like fourqueens.jpg, or palms.jpg, or osheas.jpg, you get the point. Also, only use alphanumerics, no special characters.
  6. For best thumbnail display, use an image that has been "squared", i.e., where the width is the same as the height (except for cards). If they are not the same, the thumbnail will be forced into a square box, which will stretch and/or squish one dimension. However, when the thumbnail is 'clicked' the displayed image will not be distorted. But in the interest of keeping the gallery view nice, please try to square-up your image.

    Too complicated, email the image(s), as an attachment, to jim@gamingore.com. I will post the images. If you notice a chip, token, Silver Strike or card that you believe to not be eligible, please send me an email message. Again, eligibility conditions are set-forth by the CC&GTCC. If chips and/or tokens are challenged, then it will be brought forward to knowledgeable CC&GTCC members. In the instance of Silver Strikes, the Silver Striker Club will be consulted and the Slot Card and Room Key Club will be consulted for card issues.

    Enjoy this site, please up-load your favorites (or others that you know to meet the criteria) and be sure to make Nomination(s), via the Nomination process, so that you will be eligible to be a judge.
    Thank You!

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